Zircon Rings

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Rare and beautiful, Zircon gemstones have been capturing the hearts of people who love beauty for centuries. In Hindu poetry, a beautiful Kalpa Tree is mentioned as the best gift to the gods, and this special tree is described as having a dazzling glow, containing gemstone fruit and covered in Zircon leaves. In the middle ages, the lure surrounding Zircon gems were that they brought wealth, aided sleep and endowed the wearer with a keen intellect as well as honor. In terms of the etymology, it is thought by historians that the name Zircon is connected to the Persian word “zargun” which means gold colored, and since Zircon is available in a yellow color, this explanation is plausible. The most popular, widely seen color of Zircon gemstones is the signature teal blue, but in addition to yellow, Zircon can also come in green, red, brown, white and orange varieties. Another unique characteristic of Zircon gems are that they are relatively heavy, which means that a small Zircon gem will have a higher carat weight than the same size gem of another variety. Relatively rare, Zircon gems can be mined from Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Cambodia. While these rare and beautiful gemstones are appreciated by collectors and those who are passionate about colored gemstones, the reputation of Zircon gemstones has suffered on account that it’s name is similar to the diamond substitute, cubic zirconia. Yet this natural and beautiful colored gemstone has no association with the laboratory grown imitation diamond and should be appreciated fully in its own right!

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