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Zircon gemstones come in a wide array of colors; in addition to the colorless version, gorgeous Zircon gems can be found in yellow, green, red, reddish brown and blue. Unfortunately, because colorless Zircon was historically used as a diamond stimulant—it has since been replaced by much more convincing substitutes—many people equate the name Zircon with a fake gemstone. But contrary to untrue myths and assumptions, Zircon is actually a stunning semi-precious gemstone in its own right. Zircon gemstones also have their own unique history and folklore. There is debate as to the true origin of its name. Some historians claim that word comes from the Arabic word “Zarkun” which means cinnabar or vermilion, while others posit that it’s rooted in the Persian word “Zargun” meaning gold colored, yet since Zircon’s color range covers both cinnamon and gold colored gems, both possibilities are plausible. Some folklore surrounding Zircon include the Middle Ages belief that Zircon gems acted a sleeping aid, could drive away evil spirits, increase wealth and bring prestige and intelligence. There are many Blue Zircon gemstones featured in Victorian English estate jewelry dating back to the 1880s, as it was a popular gem in that era. The famous gemologist for Tiffany & Co, George Kunz, suggested the name Starlite to reflect the gem’s fiery brilliance, but the name Zircon stuck.

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