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Shop for Gorgeous Yellow Sapphire Gemstones – Choose a Yellow Sapphire Gem for an Engagement Ring

Yellow Sapphires can display all of the beautiful hues that the color yellow has to offer from a light pale, pastel lemon yellow to a deeper golden yellow with orange undertones and everything in between. These outstanding gemstones add sophistication and radiance to jewelry designs, often mimicking the popular look of yellow diamonds. In terms of engagement rings, there are no rules anymore and people are turning away from the traditional colorless diamond and venturing into the bright and beautiful world of colored gemstones. One pioneer of this fun and funky trend is Jenny McCarthy who opted for a stunning Yellow Sapphire engagement ring in April 2014. In McCarthy’s gorgeous Yellow Sapphire engagement ring, a large cushion cut bright vivid Yellow Sapphire gemstone is surrounded by diamonds creating the perfect balance of color and bling. You too can jump on the Yellow Sapphire bandwagon for your special ring, and find some inspiration from BitCoin Gem’s fabulous selection.

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For the precious gemstone lover, Yellow Sapphire are a great choice. They are chic, sophisticated, unique and add a cheery color pop to jewelry. Find wholesale priced loose Yellow Sapphire genuine gemstones at BitCoin Gems.

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