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This selection of genuine gemstone rings features some well known and some lesser known gems that are all beautiful and lend themselves to stylish ring fashions. Some of the gemstones you will notice in this category include: Turquoise, Jade, Apaptite, Larimar, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Lapis Lazuli, Abalone, Jasper and Labradorite. Accessorizing with some of these more rare and under-appreciated gems, is actually a fun way to turn a statement ring into a conversation piece, as curious people will notice the beautiful piece of jewelry and want to know which gemstone you are wearing. If you are a people person you will probably welcome this pleasant exchange, and at the end you not only have a beautiful piece of jewelry but also a new friend or acquaintance. Because, while jewelry is definitely about the wearer expressing their style and adorning themselves in beautiful things, there is also a social aspect to accessorizing that we don’t often acknowledge. How many times have you complimented a piece of jewelry to then be treated to an interesting back story that you never expected. Sometimes without even knowing it, a simple, fun and beautiful ring can be the medium through which we allow strangers a glimpse into our lives, making the world a friendlier and more inviting place!

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