Tsavorite Garnet Gems

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Tsavorite Garnets are know as the queen of the garnet family of gems.  The rare Demantoid garnet being the king of garnet gemstones.  Here at Bit Coin Gems, we specialize in offering only the highest quality fine loose Tsavorite Garnet gems, all with the convenience of Bit Coin purchasing!  As with most colored gemstones, Tsavorite garnets in the best quality should display the electric emerald green color, almost similar to Emerald gemstones.  Anything larger than 1 carat size is considered rare although much larger Tsavorite's have been discovered of very large sizes.  The color can range from an electric emerald green to a rich grass green color.  The clarity of Tsavorite garnet should be "eye clean", meaning that no inclusions should be visible to the naked eye.  Observing the tsavorite gem under the magnification of a jewelers loupe, one will notice various types of internal inclusions that are common for this type of garnet species.   

Try a Beautiful Rare Tsavorite Green Garnet Gemstones for An Engagement Ring?
Yes many people are turning away from Diamonds as engagment ring stones.  Many are looking at Tsavorite Garnets as engagement ring stones.  Why?  Because tsavorite garnets are hard and durable to wear as an engagement ring, they are very bright gems with a very high refractive index and they are relatively inexpensive when compared to high grade diamonds.


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