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Tourmaline gemstones can be found in practically every color of the rainbow. Some popular varieties are Rubellite, a deep raspberry reddish pink, Indicolite, a dark violet blue or greenish blue, Paraiba, an intense electric blue or green mined in Paraiba, Brazil, Chrome, a vivid green colored by the trace element vanadium, and Parti-colored or Bi-colored, which exhibits more than one color, often green and pink together. Tourmaline gemstones were discovered in 14th century Brazil by a Spanish conquistador who mistakenly thought he had uncovered emeralds. Confusion about the classifications of Tourmalines remained until scientists recognized them as their own gemstone in the 17th century. Because there was so much mix up with correctly identifying Tourmaline gemstones, their name reflects the confusion; the origin of the name Tourmaline comes from Singhalese which means “mixed gems”. Yet with the incredible color range of Tourmaline gemstones, all of which are available here at BitCoin Gems, it is no surprise that early discoverers were unable to identify these beautiful gems!

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Recognized as the birthstone for October as well as the traditional eight wedding anniversary gift, Tourmaline gemstones are perfect for jewelry. With an amazing variety of richly saturated colors in every hue, Tourmalines add a bold pop of color to jewelry designs. Shop for affordable genuine Tourmaline gemstones at BitCoin Gems.

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