Topaz Gems

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Amazing Precious & Imperial Topaz Gemstone – Best Loose Free Size Topaz Gems

While many people associate Topaz with the well known blue colored variety, those colors are almost always the result of treated colorless topaz. In terms of naturally colored Topaz, this gem actually boasts a gorgeous range of colors including stunning pinks, golds, and champagne hues. At Bit Coin Gems, we offer a stunning selection of Golden Imperial Topaz gemstones, which are especially stunning in Jewelry.

Learn About Topaz History at BitCoin Gems – Shop High Quality Natural Topaz Loose Gemstones at Great Prices

The general consensus among historians is that the name Topaz was derived from the name Topazios, a Greek name for an Island called Zabargad which is located in the Red Sea. Ironically, this island was never actually a source of Topaz gemstones, but instead had deposits of Peridots which were mistaken for Topaz before modern mineralogy was able to distinguish the stones. In Ancient Greece, Topaz gemstones were famed for their believed ability to give people strength. People in Renaissance Europe believed that Topaz gemstones could dispel anger and break magic spells. And in India, Topaz gemstones were worn above the heart as a talisman for intelligence, beauty and long life. Today, Topaz is one of the recognized birthstones for the month of November, along with Citrines.

How Much Do You Know About Topaz Gemstones?

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