Tanzanite Pendants

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If you want to be a gemstone buff, there are certain key vocabulary words to know. One of those important gem words is pleiochroic, pronounced plee-oh-cro-ik, which describes              a gemstone that displays             two or more colors when looked at through different directions.  Tanzanite is one of the gemstones with pleochroism, displaying blue when looked at head on, and a more purple tone when turned to the side. The blue purple pleochroic property that Tanzanite possesses adds an extra dimension of beauty to this special gemstone. Mined only in one spot on earth, Tanzanite is named for the country it is found: Tanzania. Discovered only decades ago, Tanzanite is a relatively new commercial gemstone, but what it lacks in history, it makes up for in beauty and allure.

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Look at Tanzanite Gemstones Through The Eyes of a Child

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