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Exquisite Genuine Tanzanite Gemstone Earrings from BitCoin Gems – Shop Best Tanzanite Earrings for Her

A newbie, relatively, on the gemstone scene, Tanzanite gemstones are found in only one spot on this planet: the foothills of the Merelani mountains of Tanzania. Then, after a massive publicity campaign launched by Tiffany’s, Tanzanite quickly because a very popular and sought after gemstone. One look at this stunning gemstone, with its watery indigo violet blue color, it will be clear why people are crazy about Tanzanites for fine gemstone jewelry. With a fabulous pleochroism that displays deep purples and blues, Tanzanite gemstones lend a lavish and elegant look to colored gemstone accessories.

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BitCoin Gems is proud to present this incredible collection of Tanzanite gemstone earrings. With classy 14 gold settings, in either white or yellow, these earrings are dripping of class and regality. These top quality fine Tanzanite gemstones are sure t sparkle as the earrings dangle and dance, framing the face and adding drama and style to your look. All of these exceptional pairs of Tanzanite earrings are in stock and ready to ship!

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