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Tanzanite, as the name indicates, is found in Tanzania, but this gem is only mined in one spot on the planet. These gorgeous gems can only be sourced from the Merelani hills of Northern Tanzania. Tanzanite is merely the blue variety of the mineral zoisite, but due to the similarity of the word zoisite with suicide, marketers from Tiffany & Co. opted for the name Tanzanite which references the single location where these gems are mined. Relatively new to the colored gemstone market, Tanzanites were first uncovered in 1967 by a Masai tribesman. A local fortune hunter promptly registered four mining claims, assuming that he had access to a sapphire deposit, instead these mines would uncover a gem that the world had never seen before: Tanzanite. Recognizing the potential of Tanzanites gorgeous bluish violet color, Tiffany & Co. jumped on the bandwagon, naming the gem Tanzanite, as was mentioned before, as well as launching a widespread publicity campaign starting in 1968. It was this marketing that launced Tanzanite gemstones into the spotlight, where it’s popularity would sometimes rival the Big 3 (Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire).

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