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One fun and cool fact about Spinel gemstones is that they are the gem that launched the field of gemology and the scientific study of distinguishing between different gemstones on a chemical level. The back story is that Red Spinel was so frequently confused with Ruby, in fact many famous “rubies” throughout history turned out to be spinels. The GIA Gem Encyclopedia dubs Spinel as “History’s Most Underappreciated Gem,” because even when it was identified as its own unique and beautiful natural gemstone variety it attracted a false reputation as being synthetic because synthetic Spinel is often used as imitations for other colored gemstones. Yet the fact remains that Spinel gemstones are beautifully saturated natural colored gemstones that sparkle and dazzle in jewelry design.

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Spinel gemstones come in an impressive variety of colors that range from bright traffic light red to gorgeous vibrant shades of pink and gorgeous blues and purples. One cool piece of information about Spinel gemstones is that they are singly refractive, which means that they display the same color and crystal properties in every direction. Choose a stunning low priced Spinel gemstone for your next custom jewelry project.

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