Spessartite Garnet Gems

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Garnet Gemstones come in all colors of the color spectrum.  One of only 2 gem species to posses this unique characteristic. The orange variety of the garnet family falls into the spessartite group. This group of garnets displays a range of colors from reddish brown to brilliant orange.  The spessartite garnets offered for sale here at BitCoin gems are more the brilliant vibrant orange variety. The more pure and vivid the orange, the more the desirable the orange Spessartite garnet is, hence a higher value all other grading aspects being the same.  So a vibrant sunkist orange Spessartite will be much more valuable than a similar size brownish red Spessartite of similar clarity rating.  The Nigerian origin Orange garnets are among the most impressive of the Spessartites found in recent years.  The "Mandarin" garnets of Namibian origin are know n as the finest quality Orange Spessartite ever discovered, but these have mined out and only old stones are available on the gem markets today for fantastically high prices.  Orange Spessartite Garnets make beautiful jewelry, especially cocktail rings.

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