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Fabulous Ruby Gemstone Rings Available With BitCoin Currency – Genuine Fine Ruby Rings for SALE

Rubies, one of the three gemstones considered precious gemstones, are the red variety of the mineral corundum. The trace element of chromium is what gives Ruby gemstones their signature red color, and the more chromium found in the gem, the darker and more saturated the red color. The highest quality Ruby gems are found in marble and are usually mined in northern Vietnam, Myanmar and the Himalayas. When Rubies are originated in marble they are called marble-hosted, and because marble lacks iron this causes the Ruby to have an even more saturated and intense red color. In different locations, Rubies can be mined from basalt rock, however since basalt rock has a higher iron content this creates a less intense, saturated ruby in terms of color. The Sanskrit word for Ruby is “ratnaraj” which translates to mean the king of gems.

Amazing Top Quality Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings for Her – Best Selection of Ruby Rings from BitCoin Gems

The new trend in bridal jewelry is to forsake the traditional diamond and choose instead a colored gemstone for the engagement ring center gemstone. This selection of fabulous Ruby rings presents some great choices for a classic style engagement ring with a non-classic gemstone. All Ruby gemstone rings are made with top quality genuine Rubies and set in 14k gold. Every Ruby ring is in stock and ready to ship!

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