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Ruby gemstones are the red variety of the mineral corundum; all other colors of the mineral corundum, which comes in all shades of the rainbow, are known as Sapphires. However, the actual mineral corundum is colorless and trace elements of other things create the different colors, in the case of Ruby the presence of Chromium is what causes the signature red color. Along with sapphire and emeralds, Rubies are one of the three precious gems, yet Rubies can be the most valuable of all gemstones and as such it is considered to be one of the most important gemstones on the market. Mentioned in the bible multiple times, Ruby gemstones have been valued throughout history. In the ancient Sanskrit language, Rubies are called ratnaraj, which translates to “king of precious stones”. Historically, Rubies have signified wealth and success and they have been used in much royal jewelry throughout the centuries.


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Along with being the recognized birthstone for the month of July, another fun fact about Ruby gemstones is that the first laser was created with a Ruby gemstone in 1960! Ruby gemstones add a luxurious look and a fun color pop to jewelry designs. Paired with either white or yellow gold, any piece of jewelry with Ruby gemstones is guaranteed to be cherished by you and your family for generations.

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