Rhodolite Garnet Gems

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Rhodolite Garnets are beautiful gemstones and the most popular of the garnet family of gems besides the timeless Red Garnets. Red Garnets have been used in jewelry for many centuries, but the fabled Rhodolite Garnet was quite an unknown species till the discovery of a beautiful pinkish red and sometimes almost pure pink variety of Garnet discovered in East Africa during the late 1960's.  The Rhodolite Garnets from East Africa not only displayed beautiful bright open color but also tremendous size and clarity.  Spectacular gems were being produced up to 100 carats in size.  Although the prices and sizes of the Rhodolite gems being produced now is quite different than 40 years ago, it is still a very popular gemstone.  Rhodolite garnet is very durable, highly refractive and inexpensive.  The finest quality gems can be bought for 200-300 per carat and the best part is that you can buy fine Rhodolite Garnet with Bit Coin at BitCoin-Gems.com.

Rhodolite Garnet in Jewelry
Most often jewelry designers use rhodolites in cocktail rings.  Rings that feature either a rhodolite center stone or rhodolite accent gems.  The pinkish red color compliments both ligh and dark tone gemstones very well.


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