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Purple Sapphire gemstones are classified as one of the fancy colored Sapphire gems. They are usually mined from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Madagascar and Tanzania. Some people prefer to group them into two categories, purple and violet. Technically speaking, purple refers to a hue which is a mixture of red and blue, while violet is a mix of blue and purple. Fancy colored Sapphire gemstones are a great option because they offer the durability and brilliance of Sapphires without the high price tag associated with blue and pink Sapphire gemstones. For example, many people consider Amethysts to be the quintessential purple gemstone, but Purple Sapphires are more durable, more brilliant, less sensitive to heat and light and have much more luster.

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We are so excited to offer this incredible selection of top quality genuine Purple and Violet Sapphire gemstones. With an incredible range of colors, spanning the gamut of purples, violets, lilacs, plums and every hue in between, every purple lover will be able to find her favorite shade of purple within these amazing gemstones. Whether paired with white or yellow gold, Purple Sapphires always add a stunning color pop to jewelry designs. Find your dream Violet Sapphire gemstone today!

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