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When most people think of Sapphire gemstones, the classic royal blue Sapphire comes to mind, but Sapphires actually come in many colors and pink is one of the most beautiful! Interestingly, both of the precious gemstones Sapphires and Rubies come from the mineral corundum. Corundum is inherently colorless but trace elements create the beautiful colors of Ruby and Sapphire that we have come to love and value. In the case of both Ruby and Pink Sapphire, the trace element that creates the color is chromium, and different degrees of chromium will affect the shade of the color, more chromium created a redder stone which would be categorized as a ruby, and less chromium would yield a pinker stone which would be classified as a Pink Sapphire.

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But what is the defining line between a Ruby and a Pink Sapphire? Historically, there wasn’t always a clear distinction. In the past, light pink corundum was referred to as female rubies, and darker red stones were termed male rubies. Indian tribes would refer to pink corundum as less ripe than red corundum, yet they were still considered to be the same gem. Even as late as the 19th century, pink corundum was classified as a ruby, Harry Emanuel was quoted in 1873 explaining, “The colour of the ruby varies from the lightest rose-tint to the deepest carmine”. Only in the 20th century was there a separate category for Pink Sapphire. While the history of these gemstone classifications is interesting, the true beauty of each stone, whether you call it Ruby or Pink Sapphire, is in the eye of the beholder.

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