Peridot Pendants

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The gorgeous green color of Peridot gemstones is cheerful, stylish and beautiful. Whether set in 14k Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold or Sterling Silver, Peridot gemstones add a stunning color pop in pendant jewelry designs. Either set alone or with other colored gemstones, Peridot gemstones are fun and fashionable without fail. If you are looking for something to spice up your jewelry collection or perhaps for the perfect gift for a special lady, try a special and gorgeous Peridot gemstone pendant.

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If you love learning about gemstones, Peridot is a great gem to start with. Some cool facts about Peridot gems is that they have been found in ancient meteorites that date back to the birth of the solar system. In 2005, the Stardust robotic space probe brought back comet dust that contained Peridot gemstones. Learn about Peridot gemstones and shop for a unique Peridot gemstone pendant.

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