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Many people consider Peridot gemstones, with their signature gold tinged chartreuse green color, to be a summer gemstone, which is consistent with the fact that Peridot gems are the birthstone for the month of August. Yet, as fashion evolves, color is no longer just a fun addition to summer accessories, it is a year round accessory. Peridot gemstone earrings can add that necessary color pop in the dreary winter months and will perk up the rest of your look, especially if your winter wardrobe consists of dark neutrals. Similarly, in the rebirth of green in the landscape of the spring, Peridot gemstones are particularly apropos, and in the beautiful months of fall, Green Peridot gems contrast nicely with the warm, earthy tones, adding balance and uniqueness. Basically, Peridot earrings are the perfect year round accessory and they bring a vivacious beauty to fashion.

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Esteemed in ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures, Peridot gemstones are not new, but these fabulous earring designs are at the height of fashion! Find the perfect pair of Peridot gemstone earrings for any lady. All Peridot earrings are in stock and ready to ship.

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