Peridot Gems

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Let’s learn some fun and interesting information about Peridot gemstones. Peridot is the beautiful yellowish green gem variety of the mineral Olivine. One of the coolest things about Peridot is that in 2005 a space probe known as Stardust brought back some comet dust and upon examination they found peridot! In fact, peridot is truly an extraterrestrial gemstone. There have been rare crystals of peridot found in meteorites that have been large enough to cut into faceted gemstones. In ancient Egypt, Peridot gemstones were called the “gem of the sun” and were closely associated with light. Some historians posit that Cleopatra’s famed Emerald gemstone collection was actually comprised of Peridots, which were confused with Emeralds throughout history. In fact, there is a magnificent display of 200 ct gems which adorn the shrine in the Cologne Cathedral in Germany of the Three Holy Kings. For centuries, these gemstones were believed to be emeralds but they are actually Peridot. The modern name of Peridot gemstone has its roots in the Arabic word “faridat” which means gem.

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