Orange Sapphire Gems

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Bit Coin Gems Presents Loose Free Size Orange Sapphire – Amazing Orange Sapphire Gemstones for SALE

The mineral corundum is the base mineral in two of the three precious gemstones; the red variety is called Ruby and all other colors are known as Sapphires. Usually, people associate Sapphire gemstones with their signature royal blue color, but in fact they are available in all colors (except for red, which would be called Ruby not Sapphire). Other than blue and pink Sapphire gemstones, all other colors are referred to as fancy sapphires. Fancy Sapphire gemstones are generally yellow, orange, purple, green or white. What’s interesting is that even though fancy sapphire gemstones in bright saturated hues are far rarer than good quality blue sapphire, their price tag is much lower. Therefore, these stunning Sapphires are truly bargain gemstones!

Gorgeous Genuine Orange Sapphire Gems for Her – Create Unique Gemstone Jewelry With Orange Sapphire

The color orange is such a fun color that can be worn year round. In the Fall, it mimics the crisp changing leaves and fits right in to the fall fashion palate. In Spring and Summer, the creamsicle sunkist look adds the perfect color pop. And during the Winter months, the color orange matches perfectly with dark neutrals lending a chic dash of color. Try a gorgeous Orange Sapphire gemstone set in yellow gold to compliment the warm tones of the gem.

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