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Opal gemstones are as unique as they are beautiful. One of the most spectacular aspects of Opals are their “play of color” which is considered to be one of the most important quality aspects to consider when purchasing Opal gemstones and Opal gemstone jewelry. The term “play of color” refers to the pattern of colors that is seen against a background. The type of Opal is classified by the background color, white or black for example, which display a gorgeous pattern of multiple colors in the foreground. One exception is Fire Opal, or Mexican Opal, which displays a lovely bright orange color but does not exhibit a “play of color” like White Opals and Black Opals. The beauty of the “play of color” in Opals is beyond the aesthetics, it really makes each gem unique and one-of-a-kind as no two Opal gemstones will share the same “play of color” pattern.

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