Opal Earrings

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Let’s talk about Opal gems! Mostly sourced in Australia, Opals have a fabulous creation myth stemming back to the Australian aborigines. Their culture believes that the creator slid down a rainbow to pay a visit to Earth, offering a message of peace to humankind. When this happened, the creator’s foot touched the ground, and the surrounding stones came alive with sparkling rainbow light, and thus the Opal was born.   Other myths involving Opals posit that they come from flashes of lightening, and some ancient cultures believed that Opals resulted from a combination of all of the elements. Additionally, Opal gems are famed to be healing gems, great for preventing depression and used as an amulet for finding true love. The gorgeous play of color and light in Opal gemstones truly captures the imagination and adds whimsy and excitement to jewelry designs. All of these Opal gemstone earrings feature genuine Opal gemstones, milky white Opals, Mexican Fire Opals or Pink Opals. All Bit Coin Gem Opal Earrings are in stock and ready to ship.

How Much Do You Know About Opal Gemstones?

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