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Who is Morganite Named For? – Learn About Morganite Gems & Shop for Morganite Pendants at Bitcoin Gems

A fun fact about Morganite gems is that they were named in honor of J.P. Morgan, the well known American banker and financier, who was also a gem enthusiast and generous supporter of the arts. The name Morganite became official in 1910 following a discovery of a large deposit of the gem in Madagascar. Beforehand, it was known as Rose Beryl since Morganite is the pink variety of the mineral Beryl. The largest known Morganite gemstone is called The Rose of Maine, which was found on October 7th 1989 and weighs more than 50 pounds! Now that you know some cool information about Morganite, it’s time to shop for the perfect Morganite pendant for yourself or a loved one!

Best Morganite Gemstone Pendants in 14k Gold for SALE – Use BitCoin Currency for Morganite Necklaces

With fabulous designs featuring beautiful pale pink Morganite gemstones set in 14k white or rose gold, this amazing selection of pendants represents gemstone jewelry design at its finest. With a unique and beautiful feminine appeal, Morganite gemstone pendants are a stunning way to add a soft pop of color to your look.

How Much Do You Know About Morganite Gemstones?

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