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When Morganite gemstones were first discovered in a new locality in Madagascar 1910 they were still known by their original name of Rose Beryl. However, subsequently George Kunz suggested the name Morganite at a meeting of the New York Academy of Sciences to honor his friend and generous gem donor J.P. Morgan. In the early 1900s, J.P. Morgan was one of the world’s most prominent gem collectors and he made important contributions to the Museum of Natural History in Paris and the American Natural History in New York. Fast forward to 1989, the largest specimen of Morganite to date was uncovered in the Bennet Quarry of Buckfield, Maine. With a slightly orangy hue, the largest Morganite measures 23 cm long and 30 cm across. Weighing in at 50 pound, this record breaking Morganite is called the Rose of Maine.

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With a light, pastel pink color, Morganite gemstones are perfect for a subtle feminine appeal. Morganite gemstones usually have little to no eye visible inclusions and it can be cut in all standard shapes. BitCoin gems is proud to present a stunning array of Morganite gemstones at great prices. All of our top quality loose Morganite gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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