Moissanite Earrings

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Moissanites are such cool gemstones. While the Moissanite gems on the market are lab created, naturally occurring Moissanite was originally found in samples from a meteor crater. However, naturally occurring Moissanite is extremely rare, so we are lucky that laboratories are able to produce synthetic Moissanite for jewelry. While Moissanite jewelry is often thought of as a substitute for diamonds, as they are less expensive, some would argue that Moissanites surpass diamonds. Moissanite gemstones are not only harder than diamonds, they also display more brilliance and fire, and because they’re synthetic, they do not have inclusions that some diamonds might have. Moissanites are not a second best, they themselves are a fabulous gemstone and add a glamorous sparkle to gemstone jewelry.

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With hoops, studs, dangles and everything in between, this collection of Moissanite gemstone earrings leaves nothing out. The styles in the selection of Moissanite earrings are classically beautiful with a contemporary flair. Find the perfect pair for that special lady today!

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