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As far as gemstones go, Kunzite is a relatively recent addition to the gemstone market, making its appearance in 1902. Kunzite is a variety of the mineral Spodumene and it gets its beautiful and delicate feminine pink color from the trace element manganese. The first specimens of Kunzite were discovered in San Diego and sent to the famous Tiffany & Co. gemologist George Frederick Kunz. He was able to determine that they were in fact a new color variety of the mineral spodumene. Other varieties of colored spodumene include the green colored hiddenite and the yellow colored triphane. Subsequently, in 1903, Charles Baskerville, a chemistry professor, named pink spodumene Kunzite in honor of the renowned gemologist who identified the gem. With a gorgeous color palate of pinks and violets, and minimal eye clean inclusions, Kunzite gemstones lend themselves to exquisite jewelry designs.

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There are a few notable Kunzite gemstones that have made an imprint on history. The first is set in an iconic pendant known as the Paloma Picasso Necklace; it was designed for the 100th anniversary of Tiffany & Co. and features a fabulous 396.3 ct Emerald Cut Kunzite Gem. Another notable Kunzite the 880 carat heart cut faceted Kunzite from Brazil which is on display in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. And weighing in at 4.8 lbs, the Big Kahuna crystal which was mined in California, is definitely one of the largest Kunzite crystals.

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