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Iolite gemstones, which are also known as the mineral Cordierite, boast a rich and interesting history. Legend has it that Iolite gems used to be known as the Viking Compass Stone as thin slices of Iolite served as polarizing filters and glare reducers which helped Ancient Vikings locate the sun on cloudy days. The etymology of the name Iolite is rooted in the Greek word for violet, β€œios”. Folklore attributes powers to Iolite gems including unleashing creativity and inducing sleep. Iolite gemstones diplay a strong pleochroism, which means that the gem displays different colors when viewed from different angles. With an expert cutter faceting the gem to perfection, the optimal color of the Iolite will be displayed. The exquisite blue and violet colors that Iolite is known for are all natural as these gemstones are rarely, if ever, treated; the fact that all Iolite is beautiful without treatment is rare, and oftentimes a selling point, as most blue gemstones on the market will undergo some sort of routine treatment. Iolite gemstones can be mined in Sri Lanka, Africa, Brazil and Norway. The stunning watery blue color of natural Iolite gemstones creates a stunning look in gemstone jewelry. All of BitCoin Gems Loose Iolite Gemstones are in stock and ready to ship.

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