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Many people don’t know that the term Garnet covers an entire family of different colored gemstones. They are unified in that they have a common crystal structure, yet their varied chemical compositions yield an entire rainbow of gemstones within the Garnet clan. The six most common Garnet varieties are: rhodolite, andradite, almandine, spessartite, pyrope and, of course, grossular. Grossular Garnets can also be referred to as Grossularite, and they are a calcium aluminum garnet. The name is derived from the word “grossularia” which is the botanical name for the Gooseberry plant. The term Grossular garnet can include a number of different sub categories of garnets. What we have displayed in this selection is the classic light to medium green grossularite garnets. Yet the term Grossular technically can also refer to hessonite, which is cinnamon colored, hydrogrossular, which is a dense opaque green color, lueco garnet, which is colorless, and the valuable and rare deep green tsavorite garnet. Grossular garnets can be mined in a number of locations, namely Quebec, Vermont, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Mali, Russia, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Shop for top quality genuine Grossular Garnet gemstones at Bit Coin.

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