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Green Sapphire, the green colored variety of the mineral corundum, get’s its lovely green hue from the trace element iron present in the stone. Considered to be one of the fancy colored Sapphires, Green Sapphires have increased in popularity of late as more people recognize the gorgeous saturated colors of this stunning Sapphire variety. Interestingly, in the time before gemstone classifications were made standard, every color of Sapphire excluding blue, was known as the name of a different popular gem of that color with the prefix “Oriental”. So in the past, Green Sapphires went by the misleading name “Oriental Emerald”. With a range of green colors from light mint green to dark forest green, the amount of iron present within the gem alters the color and therefore there is a stunning variety of green hues within the palate of Green Sapphire gemstones.

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While there are many different Green gemstones such as Emeralds or Tourmaline, the benefit of Green Sapphires is that in addition to the gorgeous range of Green colors that can be found, Green Sapphire come with all of the benefits of the mineral corundum. With a rating of 9/10 on the Moh’s Hardness scale, Sapphires are the second hardest natural gemstone, second only to diamonds.

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