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Garnet gemstones are an interesting variety of gems because they come in almost every shade of color and encompass a family of closely related minerals. For example the term Garnet is used to describe an entire group of gemstones which are further categorized by species and then further distinguished by variety. To illustrate this point, Andarite is one of the five garnet species sold commercially, within that category you will find green Andarite, otherwise known as Demantoid garnet. Interestingly, there are some unique garnets that result from the chemical mixture of two or more garnet species, creating even more color possibilities. Garnets create a fascinating brain scratcher for gemologists when it comes to categorization, because when there is a new gem garnet they are challenged with the task of determining which species it fits into within the garnet family.

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Looking for the perfect gift for a January gal? You can never go wrong with Garnets, the beautiful recognized birthstone for the month of January. The lovely colors of Garnets add true beauty to jewelry design, and this collection of Garnet gemstone rings at BitCoin Gems captures the true splendor of Garnet gemstones. All Garnet fashion ring are in stock and ready to ship!

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