Garnet Pendants

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What type of garnet variety is right for you? Do you love the classic, red Mozambique garnet which is the garnet most often used as the Birthstone for January? Or perhaps you prefer the deep pink berry colored Rhodolite Garnet? Some gravitate towards the fun bright pink red shade of Brazilian Garnet. Or, on the other side of the color wheel, there’s the vibrant green Tsavorite garnets, which are always fun. No matter which type of Garnet gemstone is your favorite, here at BitCoin Gems, we offer the perfect Garnet pendant! With the hottest styles in jewelry fashion and 14k gold settings, these pendants could not be any better!

Best Priced Natural Garnet Pendants for Her – Best Fine Jewelry Garnet Pendant Gifts at BitCoin Gems

Do you constantly find yourself stuck when it comes to gift ideas? Let us help un-stick you! Choose from one of BitCoin-Gem’s amazing Garnet pendants. Any woman who loves jewelry would be thrilled to receive a Garnet pendant as a gift! You won’t regret the choice when you see her face as she unwraps the gift!

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