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How much do you know about garnet gemstones? Did you know that garnet gemstones come in almost every color of the rainbow? And also, the different varieties of Garnet gems are actually a group of minerals that are similar. Red garnets are the most common, and thousands of years ago, Egyptian pharaohs would wear Red Garnet necklaces, and then when they died, they were mummified and the necklaces were entombed with them, the idea being to bring their valuable goods with them to the afterlife. There is a famous antique hairpin that is made totally out of Garnets which is located in the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. The incredible pin is comprised of Bohemian Pyrope Garnets, which are named from the Greek word Pyro, meaning fire. The name garnet, is actually related to the word pomegranate, reflecting the fact that pomegranate seeds resemble red garnet gemstones.

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