Emerald Rings

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Though there are many green gemstone varieties, Emeralds are the only green gemstone that is one of the three gem varieties considered precious gemstones. (To be fair, there are green varieties of Sapphire, but not all Sapphires are green, meaning that Emeralds are the only category of precious gems that are exclusively green!) Emeralds are practically synonymous with the color green as evidenced by the etymology of their name which is derived from smaragdus, the Greek word for green. Interestingly, Emerald is the bright green variety of the mineral beryl, yet there is a separate category for a lighter stone known simply as Green Beryl. While Emeralds are darker, brighter and more saturated than the more pastel colored Green Beryl, there is actually no official cut off to distinguish Emeralds from Green Beryl. Yet it is their enticing bright green color that makes Emeralds so special and adds a special dash of verdant hues to jewelry designs.

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When it comes to bridal jewelry in this day in age, anything goes. An Emerald engagement ring is not a shocking break of tradition, rather a unique expression of individuality that no one balks at. These stunning Emerald engagement rings are a great choice for your special day!

Let’s Learn More About Emerald Gemstones

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