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What do you get when you combine 14k gold, diamond accents and genuine Emerald gemstones? You get a stunningly gorgeous piece of jewelry that no woman can resist! Make your friends green with envy with a fabulous Emerald gemstone pendant featuring top quality natural Emerald gemstones. Add a rich verdant green color pop to your look with everyone’s favorite green gemstone, Emerald. This precious gemstone is perennially chic and always in style, it is at once classic and contemporary and you can pair these fantastic pieces of jewelry with tons of looks. An Emerald gemstone pendant will take you from day to night, office to party, casual to formal, it’s just that versatile! You can shop today with BitCoin currency to purchase the Emerald gemstone pendant of your dreams.

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Everyone knows that Emeralds are a green gemstone, but did you know that they are actually the green variety of the mineral Beryl? When Beryls are pink they are called Morganite and when they are Blue they are called Aquamarine. There are lighter green Beryls that are simply called Green Beryl. But, when the Beryl displays a deeply saturated gemmy green color they are classified as the Emeralds that we all know and love.

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