Demantoid Garnet Gems

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While Red Garnets are probably the most well known Garnet variety, Garnets can actually come in almost every color of the rainbow. Demantoid Garnets are arguably the most dazzling member of the Garnet family. With a higher refractive index than diamond, Demantoid Garnets are known for their intense brightness and sparkle. Their stunning and unique green color makes these beautiful yet rare gemstones extremely in demand. The beauty of Demantoid Garnets is that they add an exquisite look to jewelry designs as they are a gemstone that commands attention. A color pop plus a heavy dose of bling adds glamour and style to Demantoid Garnet jewelry. One fun fact about Demantoid Garnets is that the imperial Russian jeweler, the famed Faberge, created intricate and exquisite jewelry designs with none other than the gorgeous Demantoid Garnet!

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