Citrine Pendants

Discount Citrine Gemstone Pendants for SALE – Use BitCoin Currency for Fabulous 14k Gold Citrine Pendants

Whenever I see golden Citrine gemstones, I am instantly uplifted with a jolt of happiness because the color is just so cheerful. And in my Citrine induced reverie I start to hum “grey skies are gonna clear up, put on a Citrine pendant”. Joking aside, science has definitely delved into the link between color and mood and there is no gemstone more upbeat and fun than the bright yellow Golden Citrine. It’s no accident that the ubiquitous happy face icon is always yellow and that is the mood that Citrine gems bring to jewelry design and fashion. The pleasant warmth and uplifting hue of Citrine is captured wonderfully in this fabulous collection of Citrine gemstone pendants here at BitCoin Gems. Whether set in 14k White Gold, 14k Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver, whether paired with other colored gemstones, diamond accents or solitary, whether modern or classic, these designs cover the gamut of fabulous gemstone jewelry and there is something for every taste. Whether for a November birthday gift (Citrines are one of the recognized birthstones for the month of November) or any gifting occasion, Citrine gemstone pendants are a great choice!

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