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Did you know that Citrine gemstones are the most popular, top selling yellow to orange colored gem? This is not surprising considering the durability, affordability and attractiveness of these stunning golden stones. The color range of Citrine includes quartz gems as light as transparent pale yellow to a brownish orange color. Many Citrine on the market is actually heat treated Amethyst gemstones which turn yellow from intense heat, as naturally occurring Citrine is very rare; the intensity of the original Amethyst color will determine the shade of the Citrine. Citrine gemstones were treasured as far back as the Victorian era, and today Citrine is one of the recognized birthstones for the month of November. Citrine gemstones come in all shapes and sizes, and top quality Citrine gemstones do not have visible inclusions, which is known as eye clean.

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The warm golden tones of Citrine create gorgeous looks in fashion jewelry. Paired with complimentary yellow gold metal, Citrine gemstones truly sparkle. Yet with white gold or sterling silver, the flattering contrast is also stunning. Fabulous jewelry designs can be created by pairing Citrine gemstones with other colored gems. All of the Citrine available at BitCoin Gems is in stock and ready to ship!

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