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Loose Blue Sapphire Gemstones at BitCoin Gems – Shop Precious Natural Blue Sapphire Gems

Diamonds are of course the most popular of precious stones.  However with many people concerned about the issue of "blood diamonds", blue sapphires have become an increasingly popular engagement ring gemstone choice for many.  Of all precious gemstones, blue sapphires are our most popular sellers, especially for an engagement ring.  We all know that Princess Diana chose a blue sapphire for her engagement ring and because of that, the popularity of a loose blue sapphire stone for an engagement ring became increasingly accepted.  Now as BitCoin digital currency is becoming increasingly a part of our everyday economy, BitCoin Gems has one of the largest selections  of fine quality blue sapphires to be found anywhere.

Why a Beautiful Blue Sapphire Gemstones for Your Custom Engagement Ring?
The answer is easy!  Natural blue sapphires are very durable gems.  They are 9 on the Mohs scale, second only to diamond. They have no cleavage, so their is no worry about breakage if the gem is knocked against something hard.  As who can resist the beautiful vibrant blue color of blue sapphires?  The color of blue sapphires can vary from a deep denim blue to a vibrant cornflower blue.  

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