Black Onyx Earrings

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The color black is versatile, stylish and perennially chic. The beauty of Black Onyx gemstone earrings is that it is flattering and fitting to wear with any look. These amazing selections of Black Onyx earrings can be dressed up or dressed down, and will add a special element of glamorous elegance to any ensemble. With button earrings, post back dangles, wire back dangles, hoops and lever back dangles, this collection of amazing genuine Black Onyx gemstone earrings offers a wide range of styles of this stunningly sleek black gemstone. Perfect for any gift occasion and a necessary basic for any jewelry collection, Onyx gemstone earrings are a beautiful must have for every woman.

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There is some fun Greek lore stemming back to ancient mythology pertaining to Onyx gemstones. The name ‘onyx’ means claw or nail in ancient Greek. The legend claims that Cupid, feeling playful and frisky, cut the nails of Venus, the goddess of love, with his arrow and then scattered the clippings      on the sand. To prevent any part of a heavenly body from perishing, the ‘fates’ turned her nails into stones, and thus, according to Greek myth, the Onyx was born.

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