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Let’s learn some fun facts about Beryl gemstones. There are actually many popular gemstones that are different colored varieties of Beryl. The most well known Beryl gems are Emeralds, which are a deep dark green, and additionally Morganite and Aquamarine are the pink and blue varieties of the same mineral. In its purest form, the mineral Beryl is colorless, but different impurities create the lovely colors that we all love; in the case of Emerald and Green Beryl, traces of chromium create the Green color and traces of iron is what makes Aquamarines blue. An interesting fact is that while Emeralds are considered one of the three precious gemstones, along with Sapphire and Ruby, there is no clear definition to distinguish between Green Beryl and Emerald; while Green Beryl is generally a lighter pastel Green and Emeralds are a deeper bright green color, there is no distinct cut off that separates Green Beryl and Emeralds.

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The minty pastel chic color of Green Beryl gemstones are exactly on trend with the fashion scene. Paired with either white or yellow gold, these lovely gems are bound to be fabulous in your next jewelry creation. The cheerful yellow color pop in Yellow Beryl Gemstones lends itself to statement jewelry and fun looks. Get creative with designing custom gemstone jewelry with these beautiful Beryl Gemstones!

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