Aquamarine Rings

Incredible Aquamarine Gemstone Rings from Bit Coin – BitCoin Gems Best Genuine Aquamarine Rings for Her

Aquamarine are the gem of the sea, the quintessential pure light blue gem that captures our hearts and stirs our imaginations to dream of cool blue waters and pristine oceans. BitCoin Gems is excited to offer an incredible variety of Aquamarine gemstones that truly showcase this magnificent gemstone. When paired with either Sterling Silver or 14k White Gold, the cool tones of light blue are complimented by the icy hue of white metal for a contemporary and modern look. When paired with 14k Yellow Gold or 18k Vermeil, the Aquamarine takes on a funky vintage bohemian chic vibe, which really brings out another side of this versatile gemstone. We also offer rings with faceted gems and those with cabochon style milky Aquamarine, which is yet again another variation that creates more possibilities within the spectrum of fashion jewelry design. At BitCoin Gems you will also find an impressive variety of solitaire engagement ring style pieces with Aquamarines as the center gemstone. For those looking for a unique, affordable and more customized engagement rings, Aquamarine engagement rings are a great option, however these rings can be worn on any finger and need not be worn only as an engagement ring. We invite you to browse through our delightful selection of rings featuring Aquamarine gemstones at their best.

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