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Aquamarine is the blue colored gemstone from the mineral Beryl. Interestingly, pink beryl is known as Morganite, light green beryl is just called Green Beryl, and dark green beryl is Emerald. Aquamarine can grow in small sizes or very large crystals, some up to 100 pounds! The name Aquamarine is derived from two Latin words, “aqua” means water and “mare” or “marina” means sea, thus the Aquamarine means sea water which accurately reflects its beautiful blue color. Possibly due to the sea connections of Aquamarine, throughout history, sailors have used Aquamarine gemstones as amulets to protect them from stormy waters. They would engrave their Aquamarine amulets with Poseidon or Neptune, the gods of the sea. The current Queen Elizabeth received a stunning Aquamarine gemstone as a gift from the country of Brazil and she had it set in a beautiful tiara.

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With their irresistible and ever flattering blue color, Aquamarine gemstone earrings make an amazing gift. This selection of top Aquamarine gemstones set in either 14k White Gold or Sterling Silver, showcases the true beauty of Aquamarine.

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