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-Welcome to BitCoin-Gems.com - Your Source for Fine Quality Loose Colored Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry Purchased with BitCoin-

BitCoin-Gems.com is an exciting new online entity that seeks to capitalize on the new interest in digital currency.  We are offering very high quality genuine gemstones, gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry for purchase in BitCoin exclusively. BitCoin-Gems is backed by the vast experience of Marc Sarosi, a well know figure in the colored gemstone trade who resided in Africa during the 1980-1900's mining, buying and manufacturing colored gemstones.

We carry a full selection of colored precious gemstones and semi-precious gemstones, in more than 35 different varieties from Alexandrite to Zircon.  Our more popular colored gemstones include Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Pink Sapphire, Emerald, Garnets, Aquamarine and Tourmaline.  In addition we carry as well as a unique collection of stunning gemstonejewelry and diamond jewelry in silver, gold and platinum for sale with BitCoin.  Our pricing is extremely competitive and our quality is first class.In addition we carry as well as a unique collection of stunning gemstone jewelry and diamond jewelry in silver, gold and platinum.   Our pricing is extremely competitive and our quality is first class.

A liitle bit about myself.  My name is Marc Sarosi and a second generation gemstone dealer.  I obtained my BA degrees in geography and geological science with an emphasis in mineralogy from the University of California. After graduating from college in 1983, I got my first job as a geologist in Zambia, working for a gemstone exploration firm called Gems of Africa. I eventually obtained the mining rights to a famous aquamarine mine called Kapilinkesa, meaning “a place I’ll never forget”. I lived in Zambia and travelled throughout gem producing areas of Africa for the next 19 years, buying and selling gems.

BitCoin-Gems came about as a natural progression, combining my inherent passion for gemstones, knack for business, and the latest in ecommerce innovations. While the internet can be a confusing place to buy gemstones with transparency and full disclosure, my goal at BitCoin-Gems is to provide a trustworthy place to find top quality natural, genuine gemstones and jewelry.  I am proud to offer a Certificate of Authenticity with every gemstone, outlining complete details about treatments, dimensions, carat weight and country of origin.  BitCoin-Gems has offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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